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The World Needs You TeaserCathyO BarrO
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Flying Away TeaserCathyO BarrO
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CathyO’s latest creative venture emerged from a strong desire to share her inspirational songs...

... In 2002, beautiful melodies and lyrics started to pop into her mind. She decided to share these songs on her debut album Dare to Be as a labor of love, courage and passion.

Now, CathyO has been moved to give these songs a second birth. Having evolved as an artist, she offers new life to this empowering music of personal growth in her new album, Flying Away.

CathyO hopes her soulful voice and universal message will encourage you to follow your dreams and fly with her toward new horizons.

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As a citizen of the world, CathyO’s songs came with an international flavor...



...They naturally appeal to her friends and fans around the world, from her native Gabon, to France, to her current home in the United States. CathyO effortlessly rhymes in different languages, making her positive and universal message accessible to all.


These uplifting songs and profound lyrics will inspire your inner child to sing along and dance. You will certainly appreciate her unique fusion of world music pop styles, from afro-Caribbean to reggae to soulful jazz.

CathyO’s Flying Away is a feel-good and uplifting album to share with loved ones of all ages. It' s also the ultimate gift to inspire anyone on a self-discovery journey. Independently produced by CathyO BarrO Productions, the physical CD is available to pre-order now.  The digital album will be available soon to download on CathyO’s website or various digital platforms.

CathyO is deeply grateful to the wonderful collaborators

who assisted her throughout the recording of her music.

Kudos to the creative team! :

Singer-songwriter, Vocalist (all vocals): CathyO BarrO

Producers: Faith Rumer, Rashid Lanie and Alan Roy.

Musicians: Rashid Lanie,Tom McCauley,Kenny Meriedeth,

Jeff Takiguchi, Chris Ross, Fred Doumbe’, Josh
Sklair, Alan Roy, Philippe Pierre.

Photographers: John Tebbens, Marie-Aude Preau

Hair Stylist: Geraldine Maheia

01-01 (2).png
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