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My musical journey began at 9 years old in

Paris, France....

... with classical piano lessons. Raised in a large family of music lovers, I learned to appreciate all types of harmonious sounds. I received on my fifteenth birthday a beautiful sewing machine, which shifted my creative energy from music to craftsmanship, to my fashion career.


Yet, my first love was never forgotten.

I have always loved to sing and write to soothe my heart. In summer 2002, while enjoying my fashion career in New York, daydreaming about various projects, a miracle started to unfold, one song at a time...


I knew these inspiring songs didn’t show up just for me...

... but to empower others. Clearly, the Angels wanted me to sing!

This new musical calling was also a great opportunity to be seen as a versatile artist, and share my diverse skills, from fashion to poetry in motion. Little did I know of the hard work and challenge ahead of me, but I discovered along the way the true meaning of passion.


Thanks to the collaboration of a wonderful creative team, this project evolved into the most courageous and thrilling experience of my vie d’artiste.

IMG_2331e My Story.jpg
IMG_2331e My Story.jpg

I am excited to spread my music...

... and uplifting message around the world. My heart goes particularly to my supporters and loved ones in the countries where I lived, including my native Gabon, Ivory Coast, France, Canada and the United States.

I’m especially proud to share this labor of love with my fellow musicians, including my current musical family, the Agape International Choir in Los Angeles, California.

Deepest gratitude to my wonderful husband and manager Dan Simon, and our precious “bundle of Joy”.

May we all find the courage to follow our dreams, and celebrate life with peace, love and harmony.


– CathyO BarrO (Cathy Oyoué)

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