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CathyO BarrO … Second time around.


CathyO BarrO (Cathy Oyoué) is an artist, citizen of the world, born in Libreville, Gabon and raised in Paris, France.  She currently lives in Los Angeles, California. 


CathyO’s latest creative venture emerged from a strong desire to share her inspirational songs.  In 2002, beautiful melodies and lyrics started to pop into her mind. She decided to share these songs on her debut album Dare to Be as a labor of love, courage and passion.  Now, CathyO has been moved to give these songs a second birth. Having evolved as an artist, she offers new life to this empowering music of personal growth in her new album, Flying Away.  CathyO hopes her soulful voice and universal message will encourage you to follow your dreams and fly with her toward new horizons.


Bon voyage!...

Flying Away - CD ALBUM & 16 Page Lyrics Booklet

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